What's in a Logo?


Our logo is based on an Inunnguat, stone monuments traditionally erected by the nomadic Inuit people of North America, in the image of humans. One of their purposes was to communicate direction in the harsh and desolate Arctic. As such they were a tool for survival, and symbolic of the unselfish acts of a nomadic people – who built them as signposts to make the way easier and safer for those who followed. The traditional meaning is “Someone was here” or “You are on the right path.”

Many hands and the efforts of an entire group were required to build these large stone sculptures. They are the result of a consensus of purpose, of focused action by a group united in its goal and labour. The Inunnguat are the product of cooperation, teaching us that as good as our individual efforts may be, together we can do even greater things.

The building blocks of individual stones are balanced, and chosen for how well they fit together. It’s the same with a team. Each individual plays a key role in realising the team’s purpose, and it is the complementary skills of each individual that creates a stronger structure overall.

Spirit, endeavour and a greater good

The Inunnguat then, are a symbol of the human spirit. Recognising our ability to succeed with others, where we would fail alone. They remind us of our tribal need to belong to something greater than ourselves. They reinforce our ability to commit to common goals.

Everyone in life needs to know they are making a difference… in their jobs, to their colleagues… to whatever and whoever they devote their time, energy and enthusiasm. The Inunnguat (and our logo) act as a reminder to all of us that our efforts are appreciated, and that every little difference we make builds something greater.