Who we are

Cornerways was founded with the aim of helping business leaders develop their vision, where unique or bespoke software sits at the heart of the business model.

We take a pragmatic, and value led approach, which allows our clients to obtain feedback and results quickly.

With experience of delivering globally scalable, lean, customer centric solutions, we are currently working with a number of tech startups to help them create disruptive business strategies through the use of technology.

What we do

We can help with any stage of the business lifecycle,
defining value proposition through to full end to end platform development.

We are able to offer individual consultancy or a full development team for larger projects.

Our services


We firmly believe that the key to a successful relationship is in understanding and working towards a common goal. We don’t believe in building a fantastic piece of software if it doesn’t provide tangible value to your business. We have experience ranging from guiding startups through inception to launch and beyond, right up to global deployments for blue chip organisations.


We know that bespoke software can be a challenge. And experience tells us that even with the best of intentions a client may change requirements during the course of a project. That’s why we adopt proven, agile methodologies and work with you to solve a real business goal – not a technical challenge that leaves you bamboozled by terminology.


Whether we work in conjunction with your existing team, or provide a full end to end solution, we can adapt to your way of working. We are of course certified in Project Management and Software Development, and a Microsoft partner. Everything we do follows best practice, and our solutions consider what you need today – and how you might want to scale in the future.

The way we work

Software is an iterative process.

We will listen to you, and we will work with you to refine your ideas. We see it as an iterative process, where we collaborate to find a solution that works.


We promise to put your needs first. We are different because we bridge the gap between business and technology. We know you have a business to run too. We will challenge assumptions and together we will realise your vision.


Whilst we are working with you, we will live and breathe not just your project, but share the passion you have in your own business.



We are a critical friend


Everything we do must add business value


Pay attention to the smallest of details


Lean & Agile


Transparency at all times


People, not technology orientated

Please get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you.